Sexy woman

What is Your Sex IQ? Find Out

Spouse swapping is a no go zone for the reserved in our society. If you were born in the 1950’s I will excuse your thinking. Nowadays, everyone is mad about sex and it does matter whether they are married or not. It is against the religious teachings but everyone including the clergies are running sex mad like drunken farm animals. Sex is everywhere from the workplace to the church and it so confusing to the older generation. What is used as the yardstick to measure the sex IQ? The old, young and the learned have different ideas about sex. Is sex bad or good? Is it a naughty and dirty venture? To see where you stand in the social-sexual psychology take the following quiz whether you are a professional or a civilian.

Sexy woman


If you are in the military, is it wrong to have sex with a civilian? This means that you will have to lie around and sneak out to go see your partner. Is it right to have sex for money? I know your first answer will be no but think about it. Anything that produces revenue above $100,000 is business and money has no color. Would you admit to having sex if you were caught red handed? It is sheer stupidity to admit having a moral lapse as it might cost you more than you are prepared to lose. Sex is always directly related to business that is what everybody with a high sex IQ should be thinking. Do you think if you are caught having sex you are funny? This means that the people who are caught at the act are not qualified and are less organized. If you are smart at having sex you are a good leader and a businessman.

Is it wrong to seduce someone in order to have sex with him/her? There is a sports and media icon by the name Frank Gifford who was lured into having sex and ended up paying $100,000. It was so good that the woman in question was given a contract to do the job for around six months. I find this woman’s sex IQ very high because she used it to better her life. I am sure you also find her ambition very reprehensible.

Do you think that people who have sex for money have anything better to do? Most people have sex and end up with huge troubles. Most people who use sex to get promoted are usually unqualified. They simply have nothing else important to do to earn themselves some revenue. Is it wrong to have sex with a subordinate stuff? People might say all manner of things but it is absolutely disgraceful to use power to try and impose intimate relationships on another person. People get abhorrent for using their position to abuse the subordinates probably even in your office but we only get to know the reported cases. Add up your score after every correct answer and pinch your yourself for every wrong answer. Public relations is the fastest growing sector in companies due to there being high sex IQs in the department.

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