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Red Penis Worries Soon after a Lap Dance: One particular Man’s Story


Sex can be tough on a man’s penis. All the rubbing and grinding can scrape skin away, and the goods males could use in order to minimize the friction can result in irritation of their personal. Add in the danger of sexually transmitted illnesses, and it really is a wonder that males select to have sex at all. But some other kinds of sexual activity can also result in red penis issues. For instance, a man referred to right here as Ken created a red penis right after he bought a couple of lap dances. Right here is his story of injury and the penis care that followed.

A Feeling of Security

“When this all began, I did not have a steady girlfriend, and I did not have a lot of time to date,” Ken says. “My job was going crazy, and my parents had been sick. I just did not have the power to run out and come across a person to date. But I nevertheless had a quite robust sex drive, so I knew I required to do anything.”

“I would under no circumstances spend a person for sex, due to the fact I know that sort of issue tends to lead to overall health issues I genuinely do not want,” Ken says. “But I began going to strip clubs, and when they supplied me lap dances, I figured that was fairly secure. I had my clothing on, and she had at least some clothing on, so every thing seemed secure adequate.”

The Start out of Challenges

“I had a couple of of these lap dances, all with the very same girl, and we each seemed to appreciate ourselves. But each time I had 1 of these dances, I woke up in the morning with a red penis. My skin was all chapped and sore, and the skin was flaking off.”

“This genuinely scared me, as you could picture, so I higher-tailed it to my medical professional to come across out what was taking place. I know it could sound silly, but I was essentially worried that I had anything like AIDS or herpes due to these lap dances. My medical professional told me that wasn’t doable, but I would not rest till I got the tests. Fortunately, they had been clear.”

“But my penis was genuinely red and sore, that is for confident, so my medical professional and I talked about what could have brought on that. Essentially, he pointed out that my zipper was sitting proper on my penis for the duration of the lap dance, and as she ground her physique on mine, that zipper got pushed proper into my sensitive skin,” Ken says. “It really is no wonder I was sore!”

“Plus, I’d been making use of a bunch of perfumed goods that could have irritated my skin, like cologne, fabric softeners and physique wash. All of these added goods could have dried out my skin, and that could have created the soreness worse,” Ken says.

A Healing Time

“The 1st issue my medical professional told me to do was to remain away from the lap dances for awhile,” Ken says. “My sore skin required time to heal up and really feel much better, so I required to quit with the bumping and grinding. I did not really feel substantially like carrying out that anyway, as I was fairly sore, so that was uncomplicated.”

“My medical professional also told me to use a gentle, non-perfumed soap for my physique, and to genuinely rinse off right after I do any sort of cleaning,” Ken says. “The fewer fragrances I have on, the much better, my medical professional says.”

“My medical professional also wanted me to appear for goods that could preserve my skin softer, so it could take occasional abuse with out becoming red and sore,” Ken says.