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How Can Role-Playing Sex Help Your Relationship?

Has your love life gone stale? Is sex more like a chore than a passionate encounter? Is your libido suffering? It may be that you need to change things up. Role-playing sex is a great way to explore new options and rekindle that fire. Living out your sexual fantasies will improve communication between you and your partner as well as increase the intimacy in your relationship.

Six Signs Role-Playing Sex Could Help Your Love Life

1. You have sex less than once a week.
2. Sexual intercourse usually lasts less than ten minutes with little or no foreplay.
3. You find sex boring or tedious.
4. You don’t dress up for your partner or your partner no longer dresses up for you.
5. You and your partner rarely spend intimate time together (talking, cuddling up and watching a movie together, etc.).
6. Most importantly: You’re not satisfied.

Not being satisfied is the biggest indicator that there is a problem. Don’t worry about what the “average” couple does; it’s all about whether or not you’re happy with your love life.

What Can Role-Playing Sex Do For You?

1. Improve communication in your relationship.
2. Increase intimacy between you and your partner.
3. Make sex more enjoyable.
4. Re-ignite your sex life and your libido.
5. Put the passion back in your relationship and your life.
6. Spark your creativity.
7. Give you a chance to dress up in costumes even though it’s not Halloween.

Depending on your situation, you may benefit in other ways not listed here.

But Is Sex Really So Important?

YES! Your sexual health affects your life in many ways.

Having sex:

1. Reduces depression, increases happiness.
2. Improves your physical health.
3. Increases levels of oxytocin, a hormone that’s important for a woman’s emotional bond with her lover.
4. Balances sex hormones.
5. Relieves stress.

Just as having sex can be good for you, not having sex can be bad for you. If you and your partner are abstaining from sex it can put a strain on the relationship. You both may be more irritable and more stressed out, which means your interest in sex will continue to decrease. Don’t sit back and let that happen. Engage in role-play sex and improve your relationship today.

Written by Jenn Rose

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